9eb65d87-a7c0-415a-b62c-81932eae65f2I’m a writer and a social science enthusiast. I’m a postgraduate in Political Science from the University of Delhi. Presently, I’m working as a Senior Analyst at ZIGRAM, where I’m involved in their digital asset projects. I’m also in the process of publishing my book, Republic of Reservation, with Rupa Publications. 

I’ve completed my Bachelor of Arts in History, Economics, and Political Science from Christ University, Bengaluru. I write articles on social issues for several online platforms and youth magazines. When I’m not writing, I’m probably scribbling on art-book, watching crime-thrillers on Netflix, or admiring Orwell.

You can connect with me on Facebook and Instagram @adarshbadri, or drop me a mail at iamadarshbadri@gmail.com

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